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For smaller raking operations.


For smaller raking operations, Kubota offers several CompactLine models designed for use on lower horsepower tractors.


Reliable and solid technology which is helping you to do more with maintenance-free operation.


Technical Specs

RA1035 RA1043
Working width (m) 3.50 4.30
Transport width (m)
1.75 2.10
Transport length (m) 3.35 3.85
Parking Height (m) 1.70 2.00
Weight (kg)
420 480
Capacity theo. (ha/h)
3.9 4.7

RA1035 RA1043
Pivoting 3-pt headstock (CAT)
1/2 1/2

RA1035 RA1043
Rotor diameter (m)
2.80 3.35
Swath delivery
left left
Number of rotors
1 1
Number of arms per rotor
10 12
Number of double tines/arm
4 4
Tine diameter (mm)
9 9
Detachable tine arms
yes yes
Height adjustment
mech. mech.

RA1035 RA1043
Tyre (rotors)
16×6.50-6 16×6.50-6

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Excellent ground following

Kubota rotary rakes are designed to produce well-shaped and clean swaths, achieved by precision in every part of the raking. The ground contour following ability is important to avoid dirt in the swath – especially in uneven field conditions.

Kubota ‘Compact’ RAKES

All rakes can be set for reduced transport and storage width by removing the tine arms and placing them on the carrier frame.


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