Kubota’s most powerful tractor yet

Get the power and versatility you need to handle the big jobs with the all-new Kubota M7172 Series tractor.


The engine tuning of the M7172 series has been optimized in comparison to its predecessor. The maximum power is now available at a lower level of 1,900 rpm. This results in improved performance, particularly during PTO work.


The M7172series is equipped with a new 6-speed Powershift transmission with 30 forward 15 reverse gears (F54/R27 with creep speed). This leads to an improved shifting performance.

M7 Unit

Technical Specs

M7172 KVT M7172 Powershift
Type (Make: Kubota) V6108-CR-TIEF4 6108-CR-TIEF4
Number of cylinders / valves / aspiration 4 / 4v / turbocharged and intercooler 4 / 4v / turbocharged and intercooler
Engine power output (97/68/EC) – HP(kW) 168 (125) 168 (125)
Max. power incl. Powerboost – HP(kW) 168 (130) 168 (130)
Displacement – cm3 6,124 6,124
Nominal Power – rpm 1900 1900
Max. torque – Nm 711 711
Max. rpm torque 1500 1500
Alternator / battery 150 Amp / 170 Ah (20HR) / 1000CCA 150 Amp / 170 Ah (20HR) / 1000CCA
Fuel / Ad blue tank capacity –a l 330/38 330/38

M7172 KVT M7172 Powershift
Number of speeds KVT 30 forward, 15 reverse (including creeper option: 54 forward, 27 reverse)
Top speed – km/h 40/50 40 / 50
Minimum speed at 2000 RPM – km/h 0.05 2.87 (creeper 0.45)
Main shift group KVT 6 powershift speeds
Range Group KVT 5-way synchronised
Shuttle shift Electro-hydraulic auto modulation Electro-hydraulic auto modulation
Main clutch Hydraulic wet clutch Hydraulic wet clutch

M7172 KVT M7172 Powershift
Rear PTO shaft speed (rear) – rpm  540 / 540E / 1,000 / 1,000E  540 / 540E / 1,000 / 1,000E
Rear PTO shaft speed (front) – rpm  1000  1000

M7172 KVT M7172 Powershift
System Load-sensing with variable-displacement pump Load-sensing with variable-displacement pump
Pump capacity – l/min. 110 110
Rear power lift Auto lower link CAT 3 Auto lower link CAT 3
Control system EHR/lower link sensor EHR/lower link sensor
Category III III
Rear linkage capacity – kg 9400 9400
Front linkage capacity – kg 3900 3900
Hydraulic valve type Electro-hydraulic Electro-hydraulic
Number of control valves 4 (option 5) 4 (option 5)

M7172 KVT M7172 Powershift
Standard front tyre size 540/65R28 540/65R28
Standard rear tyre size 650/65R38 650/65R38

M7172 KVT M7172 Powershift
Overall length – mm 4770 4770
Overall height – mm 3030 3030
Overall width – mm 2500 2500
Wheelbase – mm 2720 2720
Shipping weight – kg 6300 6300

Rear-view mirrors Electrically Adjustable and heated
Work lights Four LED work lights

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in the

The entire cover material in the cab is new. Thanks to the new indoor material, the cabin is now better protected against scratches and other damage. The interior will therefore last longer. In addition, all control buttons have been ergonomically designed.

for the future of farming

When we set out to make farming easier and more efficient, we focused on the relationships between farming operations and workers, as well as between farming and the environment. We went back to the basics to address the issues that farmers around the world face. We explored the past and future of farming. And we imagined how the ideal tractor could make everyday farming tasks in the future easier and more efficient and environmentally friendly, with lower emissions.


Kubota’s vision of productive and efficient farming operations extends to the M7’s two transmission options. The KVT (Kubota Variable Transmission) features a continuously variable transmission that offers infinite number of forward and reverse speeds to let you choose the right speed for every job. The Powershift transmission offers 24 speeds for optimum efficiency and productivity; with the factory creep speed installed, a combination of 40 speeds are available. With the right transmission – and speed – for the job, you’ll produce the maximum productivity from minimum amounts of time and labor.


If you could operate your tractor effortlessly and freely, farming would be more enjoyable and rewarding. Kubota envisions a future in which farming is enjoyable and productive because the tractor is easy to operate. The M7  embodies this vision with a variety of easy-to-use features, such as an all-in-one touch panel, the K-Monitor Pro and the EZ Command Center. Intuitive control, simple operation, minimal hand and foot movement, and effortless maneuverabilit…you can see Kubota’s commitment to agriculture in every detail of the M7.