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Renowned reliability

Despite their outstanding performance, Kubota BF series pick-ups have a strong reputation for reliability. Compare the specification with our competitors and it is clear to see the difference: Each tine bar is supported on multiple bearings, while all 2.2m pick-ups feature twin cam tracks – a truly great combination that gets your crop off the ground with minimal maintenance during long working days.


Technical Specs

BF3255 BF3255 SC
Length (m) 4.10 4.10
Width (m) 2.52 2.52
Height (m) 2.30 2.30
Weight (kg) 2840 3040

BF3255 BF3255 SC
Diameter min. (m)
1.25 1.25
Width (m) 1.20 1.20
Greasable roller bearings (central)
yes yes

BF3255 BF3255 SC
Working Width (cm) 220 220
Tine Rows (nb) 5 5
Tine Spacing (mm) 60 60
Roller crop press yes yes
Pneumatic gauge wheels yes yes

BF3255 BF3255 SC
PowerFeed Rotor Yes No
SuperCut 14 Knives No Yes
Single Knife Protection No Yes
Drop Floor Yes Yes

BF3255 BF3255 SC
1 1/4 “ chains (cm)
Yes Yes
Wide angle PTO shaft (cm)
Yes Yes
Cam clutch protection (cm)
Yes Yes

BF3255 BF3255 SC
PowerBind 3 Rolls 3 Rolls
8 balls + 3 rolls 8 balls + 3 rolls

BF3255 BF3255 SC
Focus 3 Terminal Yes Yes
Hydraulic tractor outlets needed 2SA 2SA

BF3255 BF3255 SC
15.0/55-17 Yes Yes

BF3255 BF3255 SC
Reversible drawbar Yes Yes
PTO 540 540
Min. power requirements 51/70 59/80

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Easy to use control systems

You want full control over what you are doing. Kubota provides you with perfectly integrated systems to help you achieve that. From machine optimisation to implement monitoring, you can control the tractor and resources easily from a single terminal. This not only provides you with a better overview of all work processes, but also allows you to work without stress.

RotaMax: mixed chamber for multi-crop flexibility

The BF2255/BF3255 has a bale chamber designed with five rollers in the front section of the bale chamber and chain and slats in the tailgate. This combined solution gives excellent crop handling in all conditions with consistent, high density bales in both wet and dry material. Bale size of 1.20 x 1.25m.